Data-driven transformation throughout the customer journey

The explosion of new age technology and big data has yielded an overabundance of information that needs to be tagged, cleansed and interpreted. To deliver the ideal customer experience companies must adopt a forward-thinking analytics strategy.


Focused on the future

eClerx Customer Operations Analytics solutions provide data automation, consolidated reporting, state-of-the-art speech analytics, and web-based solutions that minimize the use of manual processes. We analyze volumes of interactions to help businesses uncover and prioritize relevant insights that predict critical drivers of positive customer experiences. The eClerx Analytics team delivers pertinent information on agent performance, compliance, customer satisfaction, and cost containment. Our online portals merge reporting across various channels, providing a unified view and meaningful metrics. Using Six Sigma methodologies, we uncover gaps in service, process breakdowns, and missed opportunities enabling your organization to understand trends and likely business outcomes.

eClerx Customer Operations Analytics Solutions

Accelerate innovation with data driven results

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Uncover opportunities with:

  • Customer Insights and Profiling
  • Market Profiling and Analysis
  • Upsell and Cross-sell Modeling

Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Drive value-based outcomes with:

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • A/B Testing & Optimization

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Transform data into business insights with:

  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Cross-domain Analytics
  • Score Carding
  • KPI and Executive Reporting


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