Advanced Analytics Solutions

Decipher your customer analytics data sets

For a business to grow and be successful it must have the ability to attract, satisfy and engage customers effectively. Predicting and analyzing behaviors is one of the most effective ways to anticipate customer needs, enhance service delivery, and exceed expectations.


Do more with your data

eClerx Advanced Analytics solutions provide objective measurements across the customer journey. We implement best-in-class processes, as well as mathematical and statistical formulas, combined with unique algorithms to generate data that helps to predict future outcomes and probabilities of success.

Use our Advanced Analytics solutions to realize the full power of your businesses’ data.

Where does the data come from?

Customer Equipment

Includes: Connected devices, modems, Wi-Fi routers; phone devices; computers or other third-party equipment

Field operations data

Includes: Fleet management systems; GPS mapping; geographic information systems, and handheld customer service devices

Administrative data

Includes: Business management; financial accounting; planning and forecasting

Network Operations

Includes: Data centers; nodes; edge routers; monitoring systems; and workflow solutions

Content Management

Includes: Channel mapping; audience measurement; content metadata; advertising; mobile apps; social media; and IOT-connected smart systems

Customer Management

Includes: Billing systems; resource provisioning; authentication systems; call center platforms; help desk support; and troubleshooting reports

The bottom line is, collecting and cleansing the right information from relevant sources produces up-to-the-minute, actionable insights. Organizations that have harnessed the results of our Advanced Analytics programs have enjoyed improved customer relationships, new sources of reoccurring revenue, and greater process efficiency.

Our Advanced Analytics solutions include

Unique personalization capabilities enable companies to target customers one-on-one at scale, allowing them to direct marketing and price investments where they have the highest return.