Enterprise Business Intelligence

Data is woven deep into the foundation of every organization, and how a company uses it can be the difference between success and failure.

Every organization strives for continuous improvement of business performance. Your data holds the answers to some of the most pressing business challenges. Every business wants to get the best insight into the hands of the right people to help them make informed decisions, but decentralized data and inflexible reporting capabilities make this a daunting challenge.



eClerx Enterprise Business Intelligence combines software and services to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence that guides your strategic and tactical business decisions.


Our service offerings encompass consulting, implementation, monitoring, testing, and analysis. We create and produce user-friendly, customizable reporting options, including Excel-based scorecards, dashboards, self-service portals, and advanced visualization tools that help maintain control of your business and track against important KPI’s.

EBI Development

  • Define data requirements for new and existing BI environment
  • Develop proliferation of analytics for organizations
  • Develop Data Warehouse and setup ETL processes
  • Delivery OLAP/ROLAP systems and self-software licenses

EBI Consulting

  • Convert raw data into valuable actions
  • Analyze raw data from multiple sources
  • Implement a self-service BI interface
  • Explore big data opportunities

Data Visualization and Dash Boarding

  • Build visual dashboards and reports to find trends
  • Create Multi-Dimensional reporting and OLAP applications for strategic decision making
  • Develop transactional reporting scorecards for day-to-day management of Sales and Operations

EBI Testing and Analysis

  • Track key performance indicators and thresholds
  • Business rules testing and analysis
  • Test marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Develop Resource Optimization and Forecast Models based on historical data and future roadmap

eClerx EBI experts approach opportunities and challenges from a pragmatic “one size does not fit all” perspective. Our teams and solutions are tailored specifically to bring both the right technology and business expertise to each project drastically improving EBI adoption throughout your organization.

Key Benefits

Demystify your data

Agile and Flexible

Agile and Flexible Enterprise Business Intelligence

Customized reporting puts actionable information in the hands of the right person at the right time

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Improve Performance

Provides insight into individual employee or functional area performance to use for coaching or process optimization

Cost Reduction Enterprise Business Intelligence

Cost Reduction

Highlights opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs (e.g., excess inventory, high handle time, shrinkage, and other areas.)

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Informed Decision-Making

Stakeholders have direct access to the data that drives decisions


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