Business Process Optimization

Optimize and Update Processes

Outdated manual functions often lead to costly errors, delays, unwieldy systems and higher labor costs. Keeping pace with market demands while achieving peak performance requires operational dexterity, actionable insights and guidance to further transform your business. eClerx can help.

Our Business Process Optimization service offers the support necessary to seamlessly integrate people, process and technology. We identify, update and redesign cumbersome, manual processes to help companies operate more efficiently. eClerx Business Process Optimization suite includes Advanced Analytics, Insights & Reporting and proprietary technologies that help businesses achieve success.


Recalibrate Your Business

Transform manual processes into efficient, high-performing systems

eClerx Customer Operations gathers business intelligence through interaction monitoring and delivers real-time feedback on key performance indicators. Our clients benefit from shared best practices, actionable insights and time-saving automation.

Key Client Benefits

Accelerate business transformation. Future-proof your business.

Business Process Optimization

Increase agility & responsiveness.

Business Process Optimization

Streamline processes. Reduce errors. Mitigate risk.

Business Process Optimization

Use Six SIGMA methodologies to identify and solve process gaps.

Business Process Optimization

Targeted monitoring for enhanced performance and an average 50% increase in CSAT.

Business Process Optimization

2 million audits/year led eClerx to uncover $20M in lost revenue for a key client

Business Process Optimization

Improved process flows reduced unnecessary service calls by 10%.


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