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Quality Assurance and Seamless Customer Delivery

Revenue loss is a stumbling block for many service organizations. Despite audits, internal communication, and system checks, this challenge persists. Often the outcome is costly repeated contact or jobs. From work order entry errors that result in a loss of profit, productivity, and inventory, to poor customer experience and higher operational costs, many companies turn to eClerx to help them change direction.


Streamline Your Billing Management

eClerx Customer Operations helps service providers keep pace with the processes required to avoid billing errors and lost merchandise. We identify and correct inaccuracies that occur during the order entry and returns process. Our intelligent solutions combine Robotic Process Automation with our highly trained staff to help reduce missed revenue opportunities, lower Average Handling Time and minimize human errors. Our robust audit process includes 50 checkpoints to identify and mitigate errors that impact customers’ invoices. The result is happier customers and a better bottom line.

Revenue Assurance:

Our Revenue Assurance services focus on reducing the impact of revenue loss and increasing the profitability of our clients.

Billing Accuracy & Dispute Management

Rate Code & Billing System Management

Outstanding Debts & Disputes Management

Non Pay & Collection Management

Excessive Usage Management

Work Order Accuracy:

Our Work Order Accuracy services focus on managing biller and billing related discrepancies to minimize the impact to the customer and other systems and minimize costly contacts and customer churn.

Order Entry Error Management

Order Management

Account Provisioning Flow Through

Sales Promotion Management


Product Spotlight: Roboworx

eClerx’s proprietary robotics solution, Roboworx, automates all audit steps
previously performed by agents to reduce AHT per work order and expedite
error correction, which ultimately increases productivity.


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Enhanced Profitability and Reduced Churn: A Cable Client Case Study

80% Reduction in Error Rates over two years

Improved Annual Operational Cash Flow by $21-$30 per Account Audited

Recovered $6-$9 in lost revenue per audited account

Eliminated 70% of Order Entry Errors preventing missed revenue and churn


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