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Customer Service is continually evolving. Chatbots have become the norm, often replacing or assisting live agents with customer interactions. Expanded business needs and capabilities coupled with advances in cognitive technologies means that today’s chatbots can automate more communications than previously thought possible. That’s why companies across a diverse range of industries are deploying chatbots to improve their customer experience.


Focused on the future

eClerx’s AI-powered chatbots skillfully assist live agents to provide superior service and enable higher productivity and efficiency.

Our structured chatbot framework implements advanced analytics and smart automation to process high volumes of repetitive, rule-driven tasks, lower process risks and deliver automated customer support across various lines of business. eClerx’s technology connects tailor-made client systems and industry standard platforms, helping improve scalability, consistency, and quality of services.


eClerx’s configurable AI platform integrates machine learning, natural language processing, semantic analysis, and pattern recognition to nimbly process unstructured data, enhance the user experience and increase operational efficiency.

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations

Complex Tasks

Train chatbots to make human like decisions and execute complex, cognitive tasks

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations

Customer Support and Service

Automate customer queries with built-in NLP and FAQ integration

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations


Simplify and organize faster onboarding

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations


Versatile use cases for adaption across all industries

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations

Unique Interactions

Unique interactions, allowing richer “what if” scenario training

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations

Sales Opportunities

Leverage bots for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Chatbots eClerx Customer Operations

Employee Productivity

Assist employees by automating IT, HR, and Admin Helpdesk related queries


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