Develop and improve agents’ communication capabilities

Developing and leveraging an effective, well trained team of agents is crucial to achieving business objectives and improving customer satisfaction. Call center agents are the first line of defense and point of contact for customers. Ensuring that your agents have the skills and tools to efficiently respond, and provide quality support to customers, will help increase sales and differentiate your business.

Leverage technology to reduce call backs and escalated calls

eClerx’s Q-Clips application is a customizable, online, SaaS-based repository of best-in-class customer interactions used to train agents to provide superior customer experiences. Accessing the Q-Clips library helps agents handle calls more efficiently, builds their call handling skills and reduces the number of repeat and escalate calls. Agents learn from realistic scenarios such as call escalation and support ticket handling, chat practice. Q-Clips also streamlines feedback from managers and trainers to help agents become proficient faster, gain confidence, and deliver better results.

Q-Clips Application Features

Secure, organized recordings to train agents

Intuitive dashboards with customizable search filters

Ability to vote for exemplary calls

Robust reporting module that tracks progress

Intelligent automation and innovative technology

Key Client Benefits

Activate Agent Potential

Reinforce customer experience standards and best practices

Enable measurement of optimal interactions

Incorporate customer experience as a key performance indicator

Improve agent response times. Meet compliance requirements. Avoid scripted conversations.

Provide a closed-loop feedback system for transparent feedback from customers and leaders

Culturalization training with an emphasis on new hire support to ensure a seamless customer experience


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